Attend a workshop with Dr. Fulton?

Below are printable versions of handouts used in recent workshops for your personal use.

If you have not attended a workshop with Dr. Fulton, please feel free to use the printables below if you feel these tools will benefit your work with a client.  As always, please ensure you are competent and conscientious with your use of any tool or intervention.


BC Teacher's Federation Talk

  • Workshop slides
  • See below for different versions of the Functional Analysis worksheet


CBT for Helping Professionals: Introduction


CBT for concurrent mental Health & substance use disorders

See also Resources for Practitioners for more.  SAMHSA TIPs and other free manuals have great resources too.

  • For example TIP 33 has a great Appendix with worksheets for use with clients- and these are relevant for using with any substance, not just stimulants