Do you:

  • Work with people who are facing complex challenges?

  • Ever feel overwhelmed or unsure where to start?

  • Want to use the latest findings from cutting-edge research on substance use, mental health and trauma to improve the lives of the people with whom you work?

I work with healthcare and helping practitioners to create awareness, confidence and competence to better treat people with complex mental health challenges- including substance use. Services include:

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Tailored training for workforce development

Delivered to your unique organizational setting, staff experience and client population. Topics can include:

  • Treatments for substance use disorders

  • Treatments for concurrent disorders

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapies

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Ethical concerns

  • Trauma informed care

Click here for a copy of my Speaking Brochure.

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organizational consultation

Options include:

  • Ongoing support after a training workshop to ensure knowledge and skills uptake

  • Case-based learning seminars and consultation

  • Practical problem-solving and skills development sessions

  • Clinical writing projects such as summarizing literature for various topics or information sheets regarding practical applications of therapy techniques

  • Support and expertise regarding program development, design and evaluation

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individual consultation

Independent helping professionals consult with me on a regular basis to improve their competency and confidence in helping people with complex mental health challenges.  Practicing in culturally safe, trauma informed, gender informed and client-centered ways are emphasized, as well as managing interdisciplinary relationships and scope of practice issues. The ultimate goal for all sessions is for the professional to become competent, confident and independent in their ability to assist people with complex mental health challenges.

A sample consent form for case consultation services is available here.

Please contact me for pricing and availability.