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CBT Tools for Anxiety and Depression in Older Adults

Workshop Description:

Participants will learn that rationale and theory behind Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a psychosocial evidence-based therapy.  While participants will not be trained to complete a full course of therapy (i.e. assessment, conceptualization, treatment planning and implementation), participants will learn a number of lower risk interventions, or “tools” that can be effective for a variety of common issues that older adult clients may experience.  Participants will learn about limitations, when it may be helpful as well as gain practice using each tool.  Resources for further practice and training will be outlined.  The course will be interactive with case presentations, demonstrations and role plays.

 Learning Objectives:

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

·         Describe the CBT model

·         Describe unique characteristics of older adults that influence therapeutic goals and interventions

·         Identify when and what CBT techniques may be appropriate for a client

·         Modify CBT techniques, as appropriate, to older adult populations

·         Evaluate change in their knowledge about CBT over the course of workshop

·         Apply CBT techniques such as: behavioral activation, thought challenging, emotion thermometers, gratitude lists and assertiveness skills

·         Access additional no cost, low cost, and higher cost CBT and mental health resources specific to the older population