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CBT Tools for Anxiety and Depression in Older Adults: Level 2

Workshop Description:

Participants review fundamentals from Level One (CBT model, lower risk interventions, or “tools” that can be effective for a variety of common issues that older adult clients may experience).  Participants will gain skills practicing and receive feedback completing more complex role plays and common challenging situations encountered in Northern, rural practice.  A small number of new CBT tools relevant for older adults will be introduced and practiced.


Learning Objectives:

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

·         Identify when and what CBT techniques may be appropriate for a client

·         Apply CBT techniques such as: creating a problem list, setting an agenda, behavioral activation, assertiveness skills, emotion thermometers, and thought challenging.  New skills such as Gratitude Lists and Life History Timelines will be demonstrated and practiced as relevant.

·         Gain experience and coaching in modifying CBT techniques, as appropriate, to older adult populations to address common challenges, such as:

o   Managing time effectively

o   Address potential engagement issues or concerns

o   Dealing with contextual challenges such as long-term conditions or memory problems

o   Strategies to help the client manage sensory or physical difficulties